The Benefits of Incentivizing Node Operators in Public …

MrBitcoin May 25, 2018

The cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous growth this year, with a 3,363 percent increase in market capitalization and a 216 percent increase in cryptocurrency and asset exchanges. While this is certainly promising, it foreshadows a unique scalability problem. At present, most crypto companies are almost entirely dependent on the charity of “nodes” to establish and […]

AI-Based Youtube Bitcoin Explainer Trained By Real BTC Guides Gets It All Wrong

MrBitcoin May 23, 2018

An AI compilation published on Youtube Tuesday that used pre-existing Bitcoin (BTC) explainers to come up with its own “basic stage training” on Bitcoin has resulted in almost complete nonsense, Mashable reports May 22. Created by Botnik Studios, which describes itself on Twitter as a “human-machine creative force,” the Youtube video is a voice over […]