MrBitcoin June 3, 2018

The recently aired Season 5 of the popular HBO comedy Silicon Valley features a decentralized internet powered by end-user devices and an internal blockchain-based crypto economy. As usual, the fictional treatment in the show, which has been rightly praised for providing an entertaining but accurate portrait of contemporary tech trends, is based on real developments. The first […]

MrBitcoin May 31, 2018

We all indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time. Whether it’s chocolate, alcohol or something completely different, everyone has something that tantalizes their senses. For some people, that “something” is cryptocurrency. Now, a hospital in Scotland is working to help those who have taken their love of crypto a bit too far. Castle Craig […]

MrBitcoin May 30, 2018

Adam James · May 30, 2018 · 11:30 am As credit risk increases and traditional investors look to safeguard their money, one market maker believes Bitcoin may be a more reliable “fear gauge” than the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX). ‘Storing Their Money Under Their Pillow’ According to Equity Armor Investment’s Brian Stutland, the future movement […]

MrBitcoin May 28, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and exchanges were the focus this week. Coinbase is getting into the decentralized exchange business with its acquisition of Paradex, potentially opening up thousands of ERC-20 tokens to traders, depending on what the SEC ends up doing with regulations. The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, continues work to implement […]

MrBitcoin May 25, 2018

The cryptocurrency industry has seen tremendous growth this year, with a 3,363 percent increase in market capitalization and a 216 percent increase in cryptocurrency and asset exchanges. While this is certainly promising, it foreshadows a unique scalability problem. At present, most crypto companies are almost entirely dependent on the charity of “nodes” to establish and […]

MrBitcoin May 23, 2018

An AI compilation published on Youtube Tuesday that used pre-existing Bitcoin (BTC) explainers to come up with its own “basic stage training” on Bitcoin has resulted in almost complete nonsense, Mashable reports May 22. Created by Botnik Studios, which describes itself on Twitter as a “human-machine creative force,” the Youtube video is a voice over […]

MrBitcoin May 23, 2018

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) — the United States’ top-ranking derivatives regulator — has published an advisory providing further guidance to both clearinghouses and exchanges seeking to list cryptocurrencies on their platforms. The cryptocurrency space has been riddled with concerns about the vetting process for contracts, like bitcoin futures, and the CFTC is looking […]

MrBitcoin May 22, 2018

Osato Avan-Nomayo · May 22, 2018 · 3:00 am 2017 was a stellar year for crypto prices and ICO earnings. The astronomic climb in bitcoin prices and the millions of dollars raised by numerous ICO projects stole most of the headlines. In 2018, crypto prices have taken a hammering but blockchain, the underlying technology appears […]

MrBitcoin May 20, 2018

May 20: Crypto markets saw some growth over the past 24 hours, with all of the top ten cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap currently in the green and total market capitalization approaching $392 bln. Market visualization from Coin360 Bitcoin (BTC) is up around 3 percent in 24 hours to press time, currently trading at $8,520. Bitcoin […]